Some of you might be familiar with my insane Fun-A-Day project I did last year - a refashion every day.  It turned from Fun-A-Day to creative bootcamp.  Although, when all is said and done, I loved the project.  However when thinking about what I was going to do this year, I knew I couldn't go to that extreme again this year.  Between working, trying to get stuff up on my Etsy site, and wedding planning I just know I can't dedicate 4 hours or so each day to this project.  

So while my Momma is here (picking out wedding dress patterns!!!), she gave me the idea to make a paper flower a day.  This is our alternative to buying flowers for the wedding and keeping the wedding to the aesthetic that we're looking for and striving to be a little more eco-friendly.  

Without further ado - here come a month of paper flowers every day.  I'm hoping to make them from newspaper solely, and decorate them differently each day.  To test this paper flower idea I have and see if it is possible and pretty!

Here is day one and two;



What do you think?

Brucey gives it his little stamp of approval.  I like it too!