Inspiring Inspiration. A Day Late.

Yesterday was my birthday and at the end of a very busy day, I was way too tired to post.  I will say quickly that 27 is off to a very good start!  Minus the crazy blizzard we got today, but that's just a minor hiccup really....  Yesterday was 50 and sunny, and Alex and I thoroughly enjoyed it!  Not to mention we went to see Brian Posehn Sunday night as a little celebration too (he was amazing)!

Today we were snowed in with more than a foot of fresh snow coming down.  A nice little March Surprise.  I can't say that I minded much - it was a nice excuse to focus on a couple projects I've been neglecting and catch up on a couple shows I'm behind on.  A book I read recently said the best time to get lots of creative work done was when the weather was at it's worst.  Speaking of said book;  

My inspiration post today is about this book.  I read it a couple of weeks ago but it has resonated with me intensely.  

I just happened upon the book at the library on one of our many strolls through, and decided on a whim to take it out.  Austin Kleon is a regular creative guy who (in the book at least) states that he has a full time job and creates blackout poetry on his downtime.  He goes through text and blacks out all but a few words to create one-of-a-kind poems.  I'm not kidding when I say this book makes even the uncreative feel creative.  

He is so straight forward, but his advice is beautiful.  As soon as I finished the book, I told Alex he had to read it too.  He did and it had the same effect on him.  Since then I've told two other creative people to read it.  Seriously - do it!  It's truly amazing advice.

I hope these little checklists inspire you to be creative this week!  I have my fun-a-day show tomorrow with all of my newspaper flowers I made.  And of course, I have much more creating to do.