Inspiration Tuesdays - Family.

This may seem like a silly inspiration post, but do we ever really stop to appreciate how wonderful our own family is?  You know what I mean?  I mean truly inspiring beautiful people right under our noses!  It's easy to take them for granted but tonight, I just wanted to write about how inspiring I find them.

My Mom has been my biggest and constant source of inspiration.  Between her just general craftiness in everything she does and the amazing seamstress that she is, she will inspire me till the day I die.  Not to mention her love and support in everything I do.  

My Dad and Step-Mom have the most beautiful, healthy and nourishing relationship I've ever seen.  They are each others best friends.

My brother is one of the sweetest men in the world and will endlessly astound me with his intelligence and humor - not to mention Donkey Kong skills.

My maternal grandparents, Mema & Papa, are two of the most selfless loving people who will literally help anyone in anyway that they can, whenever they can.  

My paternal grandma, Nonnie, has such a genuine style I can't help but envy her distinct taste and signature style in every single item she wears.

On top of all of this, I also am lucky enough to marry into a family of equally impressive and inspiring people.  

Alex and I were lucky enough to spend some time with his family today and have a little birthday celebration for his cousin with of course, lots of chocolate cake.  


Sabrina is just 3 (and a half she'll tell you) but her genuine sweetness is astounding.  Her curiosity for the world reminds me exactly how amazing a night light just might be.  Especially one with unicorns.

Sabrina took this picture of her mom, Heidi.  She is such a beautiful mother and even though she lives across the country still comes for regular visits here to see her Mom and grandma whenever she can.  She is one of the most welcoming and warm people I've ever met.


Lee, Alex's grandma, is absolutely incredible.  At 90 she is still bouncing around with as much energy as Sabrina.  She gardens, composts, cooks for herself and all of us, all while telling us her latest stories.  She is a truly brilliant storyteller.  

Alex's Aunt Diane had a brain aneurysm in 2001, but surpasses expectations on a daily basis with her newly acquired skills.  We learned today that along with a beading business she has started, she is also walking and taking steps independently!  Something the doctors never would've predicted in her future, but she never gives up.  


Alex's cousin Nicole, I had the pleasure of meeting today for the first time.  She is not only a caring mother to two beautiful girls, but also bravely moved away from what she knew and what she grew up with.  It can be so hard to try a new place and meet new people.  

Christina I also met today, was Diane's aid.  Although she isn't technically family she had an inspiring story growing up with 7 siblings, 5 of which were adopted.  Amazingly her father and step-mother took in 5 kids and made them a part of their own family.  


Devon was our birthday girl today.  She was unbelievably patient and sweet with Sabrina even when we were all eating and Sabrina wouldn't stop playing with her hair or poking her.  Patience will always inspire me endlessly.  

Sabrina took this picture as well and I completely adore it.  Alex's musical talent is astonishing to me.  I genuinely  love his music and it is constantly inspiring me to be as productive as he is and put myself out there the way he does artistically.  His patience and loyalty is fierce and he can make anyone laugh, especially me.  He is an amazing man.  Probably should marry this guy....

I know how sappy this sounds, but after we announced our engagement to our families the love and support we've received has been incredible.  It just made me realize how completely lucky I am, and just how much inspiration I pull from these people.  Hope you can find some inspiration too!