Inspiration Tuesdays - Warmth.

Yesterday and today were so warm we had nothing to do but explore outside!  It was 70 degrees here today!  On November 11 - so nice and beautiful out!  I know, it's hard to swallow.

I woke up early and we took the doggie for a nice long walk, then decided we would go out to breakfast to celebrate having a morning off together (Alex had off for Veteran's Day), followed by lots of wondering and just sitting in the sun.  Soaking it all up.


The colors bouncing off everything was so lovely.  A good chunk of the leaves are gone, but there are still many gorgeous leaves floating around.  


We walked all around North Buffalo, and Williamsville - two areas neither one of us had explored on foot much.

Isn't there always something so inspiring about a beautiful day?  It makes me feel so happy and hopeful!

Here's to warmth!