Inspiration Tuesdays - NYC.

Last weekend (pre crazy snow storm),  Alex and I went to NYC for a quick whirl wind trip.  We arrived early Saturday morning, and left Sunday evening.  It was so fast, but so very nice.  

We have two very close friends that live in Brooklyn who kindly took us in (and cooked us a spectacular brunch!) and I got to meet my brother's adorable new pooch, and visit with him - but the dog was obviously more important.  (CUTEST little peanut that ever was.)

There isn't anything quite like being in that city.  After studying there and living there for a year, I still miss it.  It's just so different then Buffalo.  There are positives and negatives of course to both cities, but I do love love love visiting!

It inspires me to be bolder with my choices.  To stand by my likes and dislikes.  To appreciate beauty everywhere it is.  To not worry so much about every little thing because there are so many people out there, most of which have much bigger problems than I do.  

It's so refreshing to get away even just for one night, and be in such a magical city with such wonderful people.  

Happy Thanksgiving to you!   Hope you eat to much and pass out - that's what I plan on doing!