Inspiration Tuesdays - Holiday DIY Round-Up.

Only 23 days until Christmas!!!!

For most that probably means panic about getting gifts bought (or made!), preparing plans and parties, and all the other craziness ensues around the Holidays...but for me, it means I have 23 glorious days of Christmas music, eating bad but delicious treats, decorating, and making more decorations!  And well, of course doing some making and shopping of my own, which is not all bad either... but the decorations!

Growing up in the household I grew up in, meant that we decorated for everything.  Every Halloween, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and (best of all) Christmas our house was adorned with knick knacks, lights and wreaths to celebrate each and every one of them.  I loved the decorations, but most of all I loved putting them up.  

Remembering wonderful memories and cherishing past holidays with every ornament and wreath.  For example, two years ago Alex and I made a giant green and red paper chain together while watching Scrooged and drinking manhattans out of candy cane wine glasses.  This year when I pulled it out of the box, granted it's a little worse for the wear, I was brought back to that fun night.  Who wouldn't want more of that?!

Without further ado - here is a list of all the fun DIY decorations I want to do this Holiday season;

1). Homemade Snow Globes from

Homemade Snow Globes
Chalkboard Packaging
Pom Pom Garland
Thumbtack Christmas Sign
Gold Holiday Candles

You feeling crafty and inspired now?  Get to it already - only 23 days left!!