Inspiration Tuesdays - Back in the Swing of Things.

There is always something so refreshing about returning home after a vacation.  Even though it wasn't that long of a trip, exhausting or exhilarating, coming back into your life you always feel a wave of happiness that home is waiting for you.  

Both Alex and I tend to treat coming back from a vacation essentially like the beginning of a New Year - at least in terms of resolutions.  It's not that we formally write resolutions, but the clarity of being away from the daily grind always puts things in perspective.  For me personally, I've realized that yoga is something I need to strive to do every day.  It makes my morning feel fresh and starts my day in the spirit I want to live the rest of that day.  Enjoying everything moment to moment and just breathing.  On top of that, I've realized that when I'm away from my studio I cannot wait to jump back in and get to creating.  

Is there anything more invigorating than that?  Stepping away from it just proves how much you can really miss it. 

Starting the first morning back off right (next to my beautiful weasel lady that I missed like CRAZY), I did some yoga, the dishes, and made banana muffins.  I tried a new recipe that uses only honey, no sugar at all.  They aren't quite as sweet as the banana muffins I'm used to making (eating), but they are tasty, a little bit lighter and even fluffier!

Banana Muffins.jpg

Hopefully this weeks inspiration post is inspiring you to get back to doing what you love and making time for it - which really is the tricky thing about life.

Here is the recipe for these little goodies;


Banana & Honey Muffins                                                                                                                  

(Makes about 12 Muffins)

-3 or (4 Small) Very Very Ripe and Brown Bananas

-1/3 Cup Honey

-1/4 Cup Canola Oil

-1 Egg 

-1 Tsp. Vanilla

-1 1/2 Cups Whole Wheat Flour

-1 Tsp. Baking Soda

-1/4 Tsp. Salt

1). Preheat the oven to 375 F.

2). In a large bowl or stand-up mixer, mash up the room temperature bananas with the honey, oil, egg and vanilla.  

3). Then I slowly added the flour, followed by the baking soda and the salt.

4). Then divide the batter up into about 12 muffin cups, filling them about 3/4 full and bake for 20 minutes.  Or until golden and springy to the touch.

Then enjoy!  I like it with a little bit of butter or just on it's own.  Perfect way to use old bananas.

Ooo!  And Happy Earth Day everyone!


*I found this recipe on another blog I love and made a couple of minor tweaks.  For the original post and recipe go to Dinner with Julie and her summer of baking!*