Inspiration Tuesdays - All that Glitters.

Currently my life has been a lot about planning our wedding/helping put together my little ladies brunch (AKA small scale bridal shower).  The decorating bug has left me completely inspired by all things gold.  

I've now painted a candelabra, a chair, 10 river rocks, my knife block, a teensy birdcage, the bottom half of a pitcher, an ice bucket and a lantern gold.  Maybe I'm obsessed?  Probably.  It's not my fault really, it's so beautiful.  

These images fueled my obsessed;


Now you get it, right?  That gold baby's breath is gorgeous.  The logs?  I know I know.  I love the objects that are natural painted gold.  It's such an exciting twist on something classic.  Expect to see lots of that from me.  Lots and lots.


Essentially everything in my house will be gold at some point.  At least I can justify some of the gold for wedding and shower decorations....that will probably wind up in our house at some point.  Well, at least it will be beautiful right?  

Now everyone run off and buy gold paint and join in, while I go and dream of these -

Sweet dreams everyone!