Wedding Game Time. And Chautauqua.

I think it's safe to say that with less than two months to go I'm feeling a little bit of the rush of planning a party (wedding) to this extreme.  The big day is fast approaching and there are many little things to sort out and get done, but on the plus side it's the really fun stuff i.e. making decorations!  (More on that later.)

I say this as an apology for once again forgetting to post anything up here...  So I'm here to remedy that!  

Yesterday I had the lovely pleasure of heading south for the afternoon to Chautauqua Institution to their Craft Fair.  Chautauqua Institution is a lovely little community dedicated to education of all sorts that looks and feels like a faraway land...basically there are very few cars, cobblestone streets, lovely gardens and porches, as well as the cutest little houses.  Almost Nantucket-esque.


This is a rag tag bunch of photos from the day.  I shared the day with my fiance's mom and grandmother, and my own mom.  A beautiful creative bunch of women who all share a love for craft fairs.  


Truly some beautiful handmade goodies.  I would happily go back (and recommend it to other lovers of craft shows)!


The grounds are breathtaking in addition to all the handmade awesomeness -complete with a model Palestine about the size of a street block.  The picture on the right is the Athenaeum Hotel, that dates back to 1881 has housed many famous people along with being the first hotel to have electric lights thanks to its neighbor Thomas Edison.  You can feel the grandeur as you pass by it's lovely facade.  Seriously - it's pretty incredible.


AND THE PORCHES!  If I died and went to porch heaven it would look like Chautauqua.  I mean....INCREDIBLE.  I'm sure you get the idea.  So beautiful.

The last place we visited on our whirlwind trip around the grounds was the Hall of Philosophy that is surrounded by tile mosaics that have the year and country that was honored that year.  Simply gorgeous.

We left after a couple of hours to head back for dinner, but took the scenic route and stopped to look at the beautiful view.  In the far distance is my beloved Buffalo.  

All around, I had a really fantastic day.  


Now, back to wedding crafting I go!