Inspiration Tuesdays - Carrie Bradshaw.

Be honest here, how many of you love Sex and the City?  I'm willing to bet a bunch (if not all!) of you do.  I've actually yet to meet someone (mainly a woman I should mention) that doesn't like Sex and the City.  It's a fun show that tackles some important issues and ideas that hadn't been dealt with prior. 

Despite the somewhat shaky dialogue at parts, and some other less-than-stellar acting - I cannot stop.  It's my go-to show to make me feel comfortable, happy, and relaxed.  I think I also probably gravitate to it because I really do feel like I know the characters...Alright, maybe that's a strange stretch, but I might be a glass of wine deep and have already watched two episodes tonight.  

That's why this weeks inspiration will be drawn from the one and only Carrie Bradshaw.  

Although I have to admit, I am not the biggest fan of all of Carrie's outfits.  There are a fair amount of duds in the mix...but what I do love about them, is that she isn't afraid to change from boho, to preppy, to urban and then to boyish.  I am also a huge fan of the mood driven outfit that changes every day from one thing to another depending on what grabs you in the morning.  

Carrie Bradshaw.jpg

My all time favorite Carrie look is when she is in Paris in the last season.  I love love love all of her looks here.

Don't you love the idea of wearing a strapless dress in the middle of winter with heels?  If only that weren't the most impractical thing ever.

It almost makes me wish for colder weather...well, almost....