Inspiration Tuesdays (Let's Not Mention that it's Wednesday).


I cannot get enough of ikat.  

I want ikat pillows, handbags, bedding, sweaters, scarves, jackets, rugs and walls all in ikat textiles.

Please and thank you.



Ikat is basically just a dying technique that I think looks best when in a subtle, almost marbleized looking textile.  I love it.

Although the term itself is Indonesian, I associate it with almost a southwestern vibe.  I am not sure if that's something I've linked to it, or something else has...but either way, I love it.

Couldn't you imagine beautiful back packs and tote bags made from that?

i guess the next step I should take is learning how to dye textiles...


What do you think?  What does it make you think of?

Happy Tuesday!

(I know I know, it's Wednesday...I just need time to move slower some days!)