We Did It!

Hello again!

As promised, I'm writing again as a Mrs. and it feels pretty great.  

As of today we've been married exactly one month - so far so good!  Married life is pretty much exactly the same as non-married life except now Alex wears a ring.  And I suppose I feel slightly more adult somehow.  Some weird mental thing that says - I am a wife now!   Which does seem very grown up (kinda).

Back to the wedding - it was perfect.  

It's hard to describe the level of excitement, love, joy, caring and sense of accomplishment that you feel when everyone is gathered to celebrate you and your love after months of planning a huge party.  It's really quite unbelievable. And it goes by really really really really fast.

The weather was perfect, it rained a little bit - just enough to get some good luck, then went straight back to beautiful and finished up with the most incredible sunset.  I can't believe the amount of hugs I gave and received.  It was hug-heaven.  I love hugs (and winks if you were wondering).

The taco dinner was amazing (thanks Amaretto!), the beer was incredible (thanks Marj and Coco!), the wine was spectacular, the cake was delicious and our photographer was as sweet and attentive as could be.  Not to mention the Judge who married us was a family friend, and the ceremony could not have been more special and beautiful.  Alex's vows also took me by surprise- they were so sweet.  Not to mention the toasts!  Alex's brother and my best friend gave us the most amazing toasts, those shoes are going to be hard to fill.  

I could go on and on and on, but I will spare you the nitty gritty and just sum it up - It was so perfect!

All that being said - it is really nice to go back to normal life.  I've been concentrating on my handbags and other goodies, and have been accepted in the Queen City Market once again!  Alex got a new job teaching, and we are currently also house hunting.  

There is so much excitement in our future- not to mention a Parisian Honeymoon in the near future!  

I'll keep you posted about new stuff going up in the shop and all the next major changes in store for us!  

Wish us luck!