I've been a little distracted as of late.  We're dealing (or delving?) into some major adult stuff and adult decisions, which for two indecisive people - has been a little difficult.  But excitingly enough, we did come to one very important decision.  

Buffalo is the place for us.  

There is are really wonderful things happening here and a vitality that is hitting this city hard.  People are collectively feeling proud and wonderful about this city.  I'm not sure if this is a forever home (well it could be, but you know, I'm a bit indecisive), but I'm happy and proud to say Buffalo is definitely in our future for a very long time.  

I recently saw this video that came out in October of last year, but somehow stayed off my radar until last week.  It features some really wonderful people I know and respect, but has such a inspiring energy to it.  

I hope this starts your Monday off right!

Go Bills!