Inspiration Tuesdays - Grace Coddington.

This past Sunday, Alex and I had no plans.  None.  Not one.  Not even errands that needed to be done. Nada.

So what did we do?  Made brunch at home, milled around the Central Branch of the public library, ate Thai food, took a walk and watched old movies.  It was wonderful.  

And because we are both truly addicted to the library, we both took out far too many things.  One of them that I snagged was Grace: A Memoir by Grace Coddington.  


I started it Sunday evening, and by tonight, I'm nearly finished.  I of course am also reading three other books (a terrible habit I've picked up in the last five years), but this one is taking the cake.  

It's smart and inspiring.  Right off the bat she speaks candidly with only knowing who she is from the September Issue documentary that released in 2009 - which embarrassingly is true for me.  I would love to say that I've been loving her for forever, but I cannot.  I have however had a long lasting love affair with Vogue.  

She shares stories and photos from her modeling career, from being a Junior Editor at British Vogue, and then eventually becoming the Creative Director at American Vogue.  

The amount of creativity and loveliness she shares is so beautiful.  What was popular in London in the 60s, or which designer she adored at the moment.  I find it so interesting to know how the fashion scene has grown and evolved from then until now.

She is unique and frank.  Often sharing details that are the less flattering parts of the people she was surrounded by, but also the extreme awe she shared for so many.  



Obviously what she has done for Vogue is amazing.  Their photoshoots are the most beautiful pieces of work and they keep getting better and better.  She is an incredible woman.

Anyone who loves fashion/vogue/photography/creativity should definitely read this memoir.

I am loving it.