Day 10 - Gold & Gray.

I think I've mentioned that I'm going through some serious gold crushing as of late.  I've been loving gold now for over a year, and the end is not in sight.  

My Mom gave me this gorgeous gold fabric for Christmas, and I knew I wanted to highlight the beautiful sun burst pattern.  The clear plastic handles came from a friend a couple of years ago when she was doing a Fun-A-Day project where she gave something away every day.  I was the lucky recipient of some handbag handles!

Before - Handles & Fabric - NestingDoll.

I wanted to make a bag that would be perfect for magazines and knitting - some of my favorite things.  I think I accomplished it.

Clear Handle Bag - Close Up -- NestingDoll.
Clear Handle Bag - Knitting - NestingDoll.

I think this week, I might skip my usual Inspiration Tuesday post - I have been feeling super inspired day in and day out.  This monthly project is really bringing out the best in me and having a really satisfying outcome.  

However, writing more (and staying up later) is not sounding ideal right about now.   The key I need to master is getting this done BEFORE work....thats the real problem.  It's just that sleeping and making a big lunch seemed like the more pressing issues.  

Clear Handlbe Bag.jpg

The gold is great right?!  (Thanks Mom!)

I'm off for some rest!  Back at it tomorrow.

Big thanks to Lisa - I think the handles are awesome!