Day 9 - Maroon (for Valentine's Day!).

I love Valentine's Day!  I know how cheesy it is, but I love celebrating with Alex and I look forward to building our annual fort and watching movies with him all day.  It's the best.

In anticipation of the day, I wanted to use this maroon suede that my Grandma gave me!  It was a jacket, made of beautiful suede and made a really lovely fold over cross body bag.

Maroon Cross Body Bag - NestingDoll.

The suede is beautiful and makes a lovely soft slouchiness to the bag.  

Maroon Slouch Crossbody Bag -NestingDoll.

It is actually quite big too - it measures about 15" wide.  Fits lots of stuff in it.  My kind of bag.

Thanks for the suede Nonnie - I think it made a really nice bag.  And I still have the sleeves left and lots of scraps!  

Can't wait for Valentine's Day!