Day 11 - Coat to Crossbody.

I had already started the process of taking the coat apart before I thought to take a photo of it. It was a suede coat that someone had given to Alex secondhand when we still lived in the Adirondacks.  He wore it for a couple years, and then decided he didn't want it.  I was going to give it to a thrift store, and then I was like um... duh.  Why don't I keep it?

So today I though I would use it to make a bag that can be used like a tote, or a crossbody bag. Which is my favorite type of bag!

Rucksack - Tote- NestingDoll.jpg

It really does make for a better bag!  (Alex agrees!)

Rucksack - Close Up - NestingDoll.

I like that you can use it two ways - I'm into options.

Rucksack -- NestingDoll.

Now, I'm going to enjoy the rest of the night with my weasel lady and my handsome boy.  And maybe a couple of kitties.  Or really just one, cause Bruce is a jerk.