Day 12 - Wood & Leather.

I love brown and black.  I decided long ago that the old rule of not pairing brown and black together is silly.  I love this combo!  I don't know why anyone would shun it.    

I thrifted these wooden handles awhile back, and I also bought this leather coat a while ago and thought it would be a classic combo paired together.  

Wooden & Leather Bag -- NestingDoll.

The leather is unbelievably soft and beautiful.

Wooden & Leather Bag - NestingDoll.

I love wooden handles, there is something so retro and vintage with subtle sophistication.  Now I just need to find more!  They are a rare find, but I love it when I see some at a thrift store.  These were especially good because of the wood grain - it's great.

I'm super exhausted - let's hope tomorrow is an easy handbag day!  Happy Thursday!