Day 13 - Yellow Envelope Bag (Because It's Cold - Really Really Cold).

It's so cold here!  The high on Sunday is supposed to be 0.  ZERO!  That has only happened two times in Buffalo in the past 70 years.  I'm just oh so happy to be here for the third.  Ugh.

I need some bright, cheery yellow to make this day a little warmer.  I think staring at yellow all day has to have some kind of psychological impact right?  I'm sticking with this idea.

Yellow Envelope Bag - NestingDoll.

This yellow vegan leather I bought in bulk at a thrift store a while back, with a yard or two of magenta vegan leather too.  The magenta is a bit harder to use, or maybe I'm just drawn to yellow more...either way, I do really love this yellow. 

Yellow Envelope Bag -- NestingDoll.

I left it unlined, so it's just the underside of the vegan leather on the inside.  It's light and perfect for a night out.  

Yellow Envelope Bag --- NestingDoll.

February is really a tough month around here.  It's the time of year, like clockwork, that I'm going crazy with this cold!  I am longing for spring more and more everyday.  

This project at least makes the month go by faster, but does it have to be this cold?  Ugh. Let's hope it passes quickly!