Day 14 - Red Wrap Clutch - Of Course.

Valentine's Day is here!  Well, at least officially.  Alex and I are having our Valentine's Day tomorrow due to the obvious fact that I have to work tonight.  It's fun having our own day to celebrate.  We will build our fort and eat fondue and watch movies and be inside because it's stupid cold outside.  

Anyway, today I had to use red leather.  I've made a couple of bags out of this jacket I picked up, so I didn't have a ton of leather left.  Just enough to make a little wrap clutch.  

Red Wrap Clutch - NestingDoll.

It's not very big, just perfect for a Valentine's Day date!

Red Wrap Clutch -- NestingDoll.

I love this design.  I know I keep using it, but I really love the simplicity and how it doesn't take a ton of leather to make such a stunning clutch.

Red Wrap Clutch --- NestingDoll.

Happy Valentine's Day to you!  I hope that everyone celebrates with loved ones!