Day 16 & 17 - All Together (because I was too sleepy).

Yesterday my bag was nearly finished and got home a little late after work to finish.  I figured that counts as basically making a bag yesterday, so I just thought I would put the finishing touches and photograph it today.  

Here was Day 16 made from a pair of black suede pants.  It's super sturdy and very classic.

Black Suede Tote - NestingDoll.
Black Suede Tote -- NestingDoll.

And the bag I made today is a three pocket wristlet clutch.  I bought this leather scrap at an American Indian moccasin shop where the little bits and pieces they couldn't use they sold cheaply.  I loved this bright teal leather.

Teal Wristlet - NestingDoll.

It's small, but can hold a lot with the three pockets on the inside.

Teal Wristlet -- NestingDoll.

I like this pattern a lot, I need to perfect it a little bit more but I think it's a great starting point.

Happy Tuesday!  Stay warm friends!