Day 19 - Yellow Leather & A Placemat.

It's -4 outside right now.  Basically I am so completely, in every possible way, over this winter.  Spring is going to be so glorious.  So for now, I need more color.

Aztec PlaceMat - Before - NestingDoll.

I stumbled upon this little solo placemat at AMVETS today and thought it was too lovely to pass.  I thought it would match perfectly with some yellow scrap leather I had.  

And guess what?!  It did.

Aztec Clutch - NestingDoll.

The only thing is it desperately needs a strap....of course I have no hardware for that...but the bag is done!  I mean, maybe it doesn't need a strap, but I think I would like it more if it be continued I suppose...

Aztec Clutch -- NestingDoll.

I'm happy I took this little placemat home with me today.  I think it makes a better bag than a setting for one.  

Feeling like this project is awfully hard right now....maybe tomorrow will be a better (handbag) day!