Day 2 - A Simple Wrap Clutch.

It was a hectic morning, finishing up paperwork and making phone calls for important grown up stuff (so boring), and still trying to recoup from this cold that's been growing in force - so I thought it would be a good day to make a simple wrap clutch.  I've made this bag before from a pattern I came up with in the fall.  

Here's my Day 2 Bag -

Khaki Suede Wrap Clutch - NestingDoll.

This beautiful tan suede was donated from my lovely Nonnie.  She gave me two beautiful jackets that will make many beautiful leather goods.  

Khaki Suede SideView Wrap Clutch - NestingDoll.

I love the simplicity of a neutral clutch.  it's small, but perfect for a night out.

Hope everyone is loving their Superbowl hangovers, or just Monday blues, or all this snow we got in Buffalo.  Lots to love about this particular Monday - Ha!  At least it's halfway over!