Day 20, 21, & 22 - Oops.

So yeah, obviously I'm a bit behind in posting... however I have many good reasons.  The big one is that work was super late both Friday and Saturday.  I was beat.  However the bags did get mostly done on both days, it was just seeming like way too much work to finish the details and photograph them.  

Enough excuses - here is the bag I made on Friday;

Origami Bag - NestingDoll.

The fabric came from this that I found at a thrift store a couple of days ago.

Before - Origami Bag -- NestingDoll.

I loved the fabric, not so much the dress.  It's perfect for bags.

Flower Origami Bag.jpg

The snaps are on the sides, so that when you connect them, it makes this

Origami Bag --- NestingDoll.

I'm super happy with this design and with the leather detailing.  The floral fabric is perfect for it too.

Yesterday's bag was a little navy clutch I made from the sleeve of that suede trench I used on Day 1.  

Navy Buckle Clutch - NestingDoll.

I want to add a long chain strap to this and make it a cross body bag.  Nice and light, perfect for summer (if it ever comes).

Navy Buckle Clutch ---NestingDoll.

And then last but not least was the bag I had started on Wednesday that I needed interfacing to finish.  I bought interfacing, and made the bag.  I like to think of it as a French Countryside Tote - at least that's what it makes me think of.  What do you think?

French Tote - NestingDoll.

I bought the fabric at Elmwood Fabrics (when it was still on Elmwood) probably close to 4 years ago.  I just found the perfect place for it.  The suede is from a pair of pants my aunt gave me.  It's a beautiful camel color, and goes perfectly with the blue.  (Thanks Gail!)

French Tote - Close.jpg

I really love this bag.  The pattern is classic - I want to try it with a million different fabric and leathers.  

Now I'm going to eat brownies with Alex!  Night!