Day 25 - Camel Satchel.

I did a bit of spring cleaning today and went through my closet.  While I was going through everything, I realized I had this beautiful vintage leather coat that I've only worn a handful of times.  I thought, what better use than to reuse it?  Perfect for today!

Here is the coat, it's a gorgeous camel color with very smooth leather.

Before - Camel Satchel - NestingDoll.

Unfortunately as beautiful as the coat is, it's kind of falling apart.  Missing three buttons, and is a little raggedy at the seams.  While staring at the wonderful front pockets I thought I would use those as the main focal point of the bag.

Camel Satchel - NestingDoll.

There is a pocket on the front and the back, and the front flap was the original pocket - I just reworked it to make it the closure on the bag.

Camel Satchel -- NestingDoll.

I love an adjustable cross body strap too - makes it so versatile.

Camel Satchel --- NestingDoll.

And I still have lots of this beautiful leather left!  What to make next?!

P.S. Only 3 days left of this crazy project!  Woo!