Day 26 - Brown Suede Clutch.

It was a balmy 21° yesterday here and the sun was shining, so naturally I figured I would do all of my walking errands and traipse around the city.  It actually wasn't that bad as long as you were out of the wind (facing the wind was a different story), but I got everything accomplished and only fell three times!  The roads are awfully slushy and half of the sidewalks aren't shoveled... but anyway I made it to my closest thrift shop to check in on any good leather finds. 

I did find one interesting men's suede welding jacket that had clearly been used, but still had a lovely shade to it and some interesting Chinese characters running down the back.  I tried to find out some information about the jacket, but found nothing....  I know that it is a welding jacket, made of cow hide, in China.  It's really intriguing.  

Is it familiar to anyone out there?

Before & After - Brown Clutch.

I stupidly forgot to take a photo of the back of the jacket with the characters on it, but I think it looks awesome highlighted on the clutch.  

Brown Suede Clutch - NestingDoll.

I do wonder if it says something silly or insulting...but I don't know how to figure it out!  If anyone can read it - I'd love to know what it says.  It could be one of the situations when people get tattoos of Chinese characters that they think says something like "freedom", when in actuality it says "criminal"...  Either way, design wise it looks great.

Brown Suede Clutch --- NestingDoll.

I seriously want to keep and love so many of these bags from this project...  life is full of hard decisions.

Let's hope for more sunshine tomorrow!