Day 27 - Winter Tote.

It's funny how much I didn't feel like finishing this bag after I started it this morning.  Funny because it felt too wintry, and i was feeling springy despite the weather.  However, I rallied and finished this bad boy up.  I'm pretty happy with this bag, and happy this crazy project is coming to an end!  Well, I should say it's bitter sweet really.  I've had a lot of fun with this whole project.

Here is the coat I thrifted recently that I wanted to make a tote from -

Before Wool & Suede Tote - NestingDoll.

A very cute coat actually, but ai love the pattern and material so much for a bag.

Wool & Suede Tote - NestingDoll.

Wintry right?  Unfortunately that's more like the weather that we have, but I'm thinking spring!

Wool & Suede Tote - NestingDoll.

I do love a soft wool tote for the winter, I'm just really over winter and all of my winter clothes.  Too bad i'm still so far away for spring dresses and sandals.  

Only one more Fun-A-Day left - crazy!  It's been a fun month, a little tiring for sure, but I've been enjoying the deadlines.