Day 28 - Finished Where We Started.

Hooray!  It's Saturday, and I've made my last bag, and we're halfway out the door and headed on a little weekend getaway to see Dan Mangan perform in Toronto!  It's a good day.

I thought it would be fun to use the same navy suede I used for the very first tote and make a sweet little handle bag for the last day.  The handles were given to me for Christmas from my Mom this year and I still have a ton of the beautiful navy suede left.  

Here is Day 1 and Day 28!

Day 1 - Day 28 - NestingDoll,

I can't believe I actually did it, that I successfully made 28 bags in 28 days.  It's incredible what a little push can do for my productivity.

Navy Suede Bag - NestingDoll.

I can't really believe it's coming to a close, but I have to admit that I'm a little relieved to not have to sew until 1 AM and hurry to get stuff done when it might need a bit more tweaking.  Overall, I think there is some really great stuff and I will be really proud to show it off at the Sugar City Fun-A-Day Art Opening on March 12th.  It starts at 6 PM at 1239 Niagara Street - come and see everyone's amazing projects!  I know that I've been following a bunch of various artists projects online and I'm blown away by how amazing the people of this city are.  

Navy Suede Bag -- NestingDoll.

From Alex's song a day, there is also photos every day, drawings a day, poetry, collages, comics, everything.  It certainly makes February a little more bearable knowing that there is this giant city wide creative boot camp keeping everyone busy and inspired.  

Here's to feeling accomplished and enjoying our creativity.  Cheers!