Inspiration Tuesdays & Handbag #3.

This is a (somewhat late), but combo post of Inspiration Tuesdays and my Day 3 of my Fun-A-Day Project.  I'll start with what's been inspiring me recently, and by inspiring I mean I've been binge listening to this podcast and have burned through almost all of her episodes thus far.  

The podcast is Aim with Kari Chapin, and I found out about it just by doing a search of craft, or etsy, or something along those lines in the itunes podcast section.  I recognized her name instantly from a book I have (and LOVE) called Handmade Marketplace.


The thing I really love about this podcast and would highly recommend it to anyone creative, an entrepreneur or just plain needs motivation for everyday life.  She interviews successful entrepreneurs and asks them specifically about motivation, productivity, and their business.  I love hearing various ways to motivate yourself, about how they got their start, about the ups and downs of being your own boss.  It's insanely interesting, and super helpful.  Even just as a reminder of a bigger community of like-minded people is a comfort while I'm sewing away.  I really cannot recommend this highly enough - give it a listen!  It's wonderful!

Speaking of sewing... my bag I was sewing today was a bit trickier, or at least a more time consuming project than the other two.  

This is what I was working with at the start of today:


This was donated to me by the the Clothes Bar store in Williamsville (so cute), and it had some really beautiful beat up, rugged leather sleeves.  I love worn leather - the more worn the better !  Anyway, the interesting thing about starting from the material, and a material in a very specific size and with seams, is that you have to work backwards.  Pull inspiration from what you've got.

It doesn't look like much, but it really goes a long way if you use it wisely.  So next I sketched up a bag that I've had in my mind for awhile, it's really just a variation on a classic saddle bag, or satchel.  This leather is perfect for a worn, rugged cross body bag.

And made my patterns and opened up the sleeves to get the best part of the leather for the body of the bag.

And then I really got to work, cutting and gluing and sewing and all the fun hands-on stuff I love so much!

So then of course I had to go to work, which really stunk cause I was in a groove.  But work was good, and I didn't get out too late, so I got home and finished my Crossbody Satchel.  Ta - Da!

Crossbody Satchel - LongStrap - NestingDoll.
Crossbody Satchel - TopCloseUp - NestingDoll.
Crossbody Satchel - Short Handle - NestingDoll.
Crossbody Satchel - BottomCloseUp - NestingDoll.

I'm quite happy with it!  It has detachable straps for both the long and the short.  It's unlined like the last two previous bags, and I do love unlined handbags - there is a certain tough, no frills attitude about a bag with just the raw side of the leather on the inside.  

How do you like it?

Before Jacket & After Satchel - NestingDoll.

Now I just have to find something to do with all of that black wool and Labatt embroidery.....