Day 5 - The Biggest Bag of Them All.

It really is.  The biggest bag I've ever made - and probably one of the more challenging bags, I should note.  

Since it's my day off, I thought yeah, let's tackle a super hard project.  Soooo I started it at 11, and now I'm finishing at 11.  Granted I took some breaks, and it took me a while to settle on a sketch, but yeah, it was tough.  I also decided after cutting out all the pieces that I didn't love the fabric choice.  And then proceeded to change it... probably not so wise, but hindsight is 20/20.  

So it's my biggest bag I've ever made, and also the only bag I've put a zipper in.  I've put lots of zippers in clothing, but I was ready.  Silly me.  

Moroccan Weekender Bag - NestingDoll.

Turned out okay though right?

Side Moroccan Weekender - NestingDoll

The photos don't show scale, but I swear, it's big.  Real big.  And it zips!  With a lining and a pocket for added loveliness.

Moroccan Weekender Lining - NestingDoll.

Although time consuming, I'm so happy with the outcome.  I love it so much I don't want to ever let it leave my side.  I was thinking I could use it as my work bag, but that's silly, it's too beautiful.  However, Alex and I are headed to Toronto soon and you best believe I will be using it then!  

Moroccan Weekender Close Up - NestingDoll.

I hope you all had a super creative, exhausting, productive and beautiful day - I sure did.