Day 6 - A Repeat Offender.

Needless to say, after taking the animals to the vet this morning, and having lunch with my very best friend, I had little to no time to make a bag before work.  Alas life got in the way of my project - the audacity.  

So I decided to whip up a bag that I've made before.  I had the pattern drafted out, and had the leather in mind - since I've literally made the very same bag.  I made the first prior to this past year's Queen City Market - and had the luck to see it sold to a very nice woman who was gifting it.

Since I've really already worked out the details of this bag, and because i got home from work at 10:30 - I was really only up for ease.  

Croc Wrap Clutch - NestingDoll.

This leather is actually left over from my time at the Fashion Institute where they give the students leftover donated leather for their first project.  This way while you're working out the kinks on your very first bag, you aren't butchering a $100 hide.  

I had the foresight (or maybe it's just my taste?) to pick a very lovely neutral brown leather with an embossed crocodile pattern.  

Close Up - Croc Wrap Clutch - NestingDoll.

The embossing really adds something I think.  A subtle texture to a simple bag.  

Croc Wrap Clutch - NestingDoll.

I'm happy with this bag.  It's tried and true and beautiful.  Also....

Also, I'm very, very sleepy...

On that note - Goodnight to you!