Day 7 - A Folk Inspired Frame Bag.

This was a really lovely day!  

Alex and I woke up early and went to this wonderful event that was being thrown all over Buffalo where people donated winter clothes by tying them onto trees.  They called it "Warm it Forward" and is basically an event to shine light on the need of warm clothing on these extremely cold days.  I had a bunch of old scarves, hats and gloves that i thought we could give, so we went to a park around the corner to tie our winter clothes to trees.  Things like this really make me love the true camaraderie of this city, and the countless amounts of times my car has been stuck and random passersby push me out.  City of Good Neighbors and what not.   

Warm it Forward - Buffalo - NestingDoll
Alex - Warm it Forward - Buffalo - NestingDoll

It was a really nice way to start our Saturday.  

We then went to Record Theater - bought too many records of course - and had a late breakfast at Amy's Place.  It was such a lovely morning.  Then I came back and tried to get as much done on my bag as I could before work...which was not that much...

Sketch - Folk Frame Bag.jpg

I basically figured out what I wanted to do (a super rough sketch) with this frame that I picked up brand new at a second hand store and fabric I bought new because I love the print on it - folk inspired bird pattern?  Duh.  I had to get it.

I did get most of the pattern making done, and I cut out some of the pieces...that means that after work a lot of work still lay ahead of me...

However, I begrudgingly got going when I got home around 11.  With the help of wine and Arrested Development, I finished a very cute, little frame bag.

Folk Frame Bag - NestingDoll.

 The lighting is less than desirable - I know I keep saying that, but it's so hard to make photos look good at night!  Oof.  You get the idea.

Top - Folk Frame Bag - NestingDoll.

The print is awesome right?  And the caramel leather is from a vintage messenger bag that I scooped up that was in really lovely condition.

Bottom - Folk Frame Bag - NestingDoll.

I can't believe I've made 7 bags in 7 days - nuts!  I'm proud already.  And also sleepy.  And it's 2 AM for goodness sake - goodnight!