Inspiration Tuesdays - Fun-A-Day Art Show.

After a nice little break from sewing, I've been concentrating on getting ready for the next step in our life.  We're getting ready to move to a new house very soon just south of where we live now, so we've started the moving process while doing a fair amount of vegging out and sleeping in.  It's been pretty nice.  

The culmination of all of our creative projects was honored at a little show at Sugar City's brand new space this past Thursday.  It was so nice and exciting to see what everyone had been working on throughout the month.  Especially since the coldest month is past us and we're entering a new springy wonderful time of year.  The sun has been shining brightly and the snow is quickly melting.  It really might be the best time of year.  I can't wait for daffodils!

Here are some of the photos I took at the art show of some of the other really wonderful projects.


Such really beautiful and interesting ideas.  It was a lovely night and really inspired me to see all the beautiful creations of this awesome city.  It makes me really love Buffalo.