Inspiration Tuesdays - A Mini Winter's Vacation.

Shortly after we got married, Alex bought us tickets to see Dan Mangan at Massey Hall in Toronto and little did we know how perfectly timed the getaway would be this time of year.  It was right after a time consuming project for both of us as well as the longest, most never ending winter.  Which I should mention, is still in full swing. However, Toronto was amazing.  

The city is so inspiring.  It's like every turn you take there is a wonderful little shop or gallery or cafe waiting to be explored.  I love having a city of that size only an hour and half away.  So many wonderful artists and craftsmen waiting to be discovered.  

I also took this opportunity to use two NestingDoll bags!  The Moroccan Weekender I am so completely obsessed with.  I want to make a million more of them, it really is the perfect size for a night or two.  I also used the Suede Crossbody bag and loved the size and weight of the bag.  I could shove two cameras, a guide book, my wallet, passport, lotion and keys, and it was still able to hold more without completely weighing me down.  

Moroccan Weekender & Suede Crossbody Bag -- NestingDoll.

I really loved them both on the trip, makes me feel really good to use something I worked hard on and created from something overlooked.  Here is some of the beautiful snapshots I captured of the city.  

Toronto --- NestingDoll.

Some tidbits from all over starting at Queen St. West area, Distillery District, Kensington Market, St. Lawrence Market and walking along various streets.  I hit up my favorite store there Kid Icarus - a handmade goods store and screenprinting shop.  I think I spent all my money there.  It's impossible not to!  I mean, who doesn't love stationary and stickers and stamps and all other paper goods.  It's pretty irresistible.  

I love being in a city so diverse and eclectic and full of creative people.  It fills me with optimism and creative ideas and thoughts.  

Toronto Polaroids - NestingDoll.

The concert was amazing - Dan Mangan + Blacksmith were incredible.  The show was one of the best I've ever seen and Massey Hall was so beautiful.  

The trip left us rejuvenated and ready to battle the last bit of winter.  We're both ready to keep going on our creative endeavors and get ready to move into our new house in a month.  There is so much excitement coming up and I'm ready to get back into the swing of things.