Inspiration Tuesdays - Bowie.

Yesterday morning at 5:15 AM I woke up to my husband saying "Kayleigh, Kayleigh!  David Bowie died."  There is no time that would be ideal for telling a fellow Bowie fan that our glam and ground-breaking hero has passed away after a long struggle with cancer, but 5:15 was especially confusing.  I am certainly (definitely) not a morning person, but it was alarming to me.  Heartbreaking even.  

When I begrudgingly got out of bed, the internet seemed to be flooded with images, clips and quotes by him.  I put on some of his music and I started thinking about how it seemed that everyone I knew had been effected by him at some point in their lives.  I started noticing how much of a fashion icon he was while scrolling through endless photos of him.  His style was influential, his androgynous fashion was game changing, and with each character and decade, came a new era of style.  


He gave power to dressing in a different way and expressing yourself through style and fashion.  His ability to be himself, even if that meant changing, evolving and growing is something I think we should all learn to do a little more of. 

He even served as inspiration for the Creative Director at Saint Laurent for a spell and inspired people everywhere to embrace avant-garde fashion.  

One of my favorite looks, characters, movies, wigs, codpieces?

One of my favorite looks, characters, movies, wigs, codpieces?

David Bowie you will be forever missed and forever remembered.  Thank you Starman.

The truth is of course is that there is no journey. We are arriving and departing all at the same time.
— David Bowie