Inspiration Tuesdays - Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo.

I'm sure many of my fellow Buffalonians know about this sentence.  Six "Buffalo"'s in a row is a complete sentence - there is Buffalo as in the city,  Buffalo as the noun as in bison, and the verb Buffalo meaning to bully or outwit.  The sentence basically means Bison from Buffalo, which bison from buffalo bully, themselves bully bison from Buffalo.  

So now you know!  Exciting stuff.

This week I've been super inspired by the Katie Couric short she released a few days ago.  I'm also insanely loving the 30 for 30 Episode on the "Four Falls of Buffalo" - the 4 Superbowls the Bills went to from 1990-1993.  They make me feel so proud that my adopted home is such an interesting place.  I know how much more growth it has to do and how many problems there are, but these two things have been making me feel so proud to live where I do.  

Check these two videos out when you get a chance, they'll make you feel nice.  


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To watch this you'll either have to use Netflix, or on ESPN.  But definitely, give it a watch - you'll feel lots of feels.