Building & Baking.

I've had a riveting (& very cold!) week full of lots of cooking, building, organizing and of course lots of pooch snuggles.  

On Thursday I built this really awesome photo base for my vintage goodies!  I cut up a pallet (have you tried to pull them apart?  it's impossible) and just made a super basic rustic board.  With a fresh coat of white paint and sanding down the white a smidge - it added just the perfect amount of rustic texture.  

I didn't even spend much time making it perfectly straight - it doesn't matter! It was easy, took about an hour, and I love the end result.

Doesn't it add so much?  I'm loving it.  

I added a whole bunch of new vintage goodies in my Etsy shop, and I think it really elevates my photos.  

And what goes better than building a cute photo base then breakfast brownies!?  Nothing.  Nothing does.  

Vegan Breakfast Brownies.

Following my numerous resolutions for the year, I am cooking, baking and trying lots of new recipes.  These delicious brownies are only four ingredients, they are gluten-free & vegan and stupidly easy.  Also, who doesn't love the idea of protein packed brownies for breakfast?

Breakfast Brownie Recips.jpg

It's been a good week.  I hope your's was wonderful too!  

P.S.  Thanks to my Dad & Mary for the sander - I love love love it.  It's so good.  Everyone, get a good sander - it's a dream come true!