Fun-A-Day 2016.

This is probably one of the most beautiful February firsts I've ever experienced.  Definitely in Buffalo anyway - it was beautiful and sunny and warm (ish)!  It was a perfect first day to kick off my Fun-A-Day project for this year.  

As some of you remember, my last year's Fun-A-Day was making a bag every single day.  It was fun, challenging and I felt so accomplished at the end...if not a bit exhausted.  The year prior I made a paper flower every day out of newspaper, and the year before that I refashioned a thrifted garment every day.  

Past NestingDoll Fun-A-Days.

I wanted to do something different from creating an object every day like the past three years, so this year I'm creating an experience every day.  The parameters are to try something new every day.  It could be something bigger (like go karting!), or something very small (like a new recipe) - it's all new to me.

Now, I know what you're thinking.  How has she never gone go karting before?!  That's what this month is all about folks. 

Day 1;

To start off my Something New Project, I took myself to the Tifft Nature Preserve right around the corner from our house.  Of course I've been there before, lots of times in fact, but I had never been there by myself.  And definitely not in the winter.  


I packed a little picnic breakfast and went to explore early this morning.  Initially I thought I should grab my headphones so I could listen to music, but thought better of it.  Being alone with my thoughts (and lots of birds) was so peaceful.  The perfect start to my day.

I realized just how little time I spend by myself in nature, and how nice it was.  I had the entire preserve to myself - it was incredible.


I'm really looking forward to this project and excited to see what I end up doing day to day.  I have no calendar of events - I only have a rough idea of things I want to try.  Suggestions welcome.

 I love February!