Fun-A-Day Week 2 - Something New Project Continues.

This was an insanely cold week here, so needless to say not a lot of outdoor exploring took place.  We found ways to try new things together and apart, cultivating in our tradition of hanging out in our Valentine's Day fort.  

Day 8 - Tried a New Recipe.

Butternut Squash Lasagna!  It was relatively easy, just time consuming.  Monday was a day that was just sort of tiring and I thought that trying out this recipe was the right move.  It was the perfect accompaniment to X-Files.  

Day 9 - Open Mic Style Comedy Night at Helium.


There is a free open mic night at Helium every Tuesday night and what would be a better time to try this out?  No time like the present.  I think there were probably 10 or 12 comedians that performed for about 4 minutes each.  Some really awesome talent in our city.  I'm always blown away by how good it feels to laugh.

Day 10 - Green Window City Earth Day Artist Collaboration.

About a month ago I was asked to be a collaborating artist to create a one-of-a-kind installation with local businesses centered around Earth Day.  The idea is you team up with a business and create a sculpture for their window made out of mostly reclaimed and recycled materials.  Um, yes.  Yes, I really want to participate in this.  This was my sketch and idea for the meeting that was held this day.  I plan to do something very botanical and light made out of mostly newspaper.  I found out what business I was going to collaborate with and it was a delight to meet so many like-minded artists.  I'm beyond thrilled to participate in this event.  

Day 11 - Delicious Coffee at Public Espresso & Coffee.

There has been a surge in really terrific coffee places popping up in the last couple years and this was on my list of places to try.  It's in the lobby at the Hotel Lafayette which is one of my favorite buildings in Buffalo.  The coffee was great, the atmosphere was super unique and the pastries were amazing!  (I picked the sugariest most cute and colorful pasty. It didn't disappoint.)

Day 12 - Morning Class at Satya Yoga.

One of my good friends goes to this studio and has told me about it a bunch of times.  I thought it was the perfect time to try it out, despite the fact that its a haul from my house, but it was well worth it.  Also a new friend of mine that also lives in South Buffalo came with me too, so it made the drive so much more fun.  The class was really great and I hate to admit how sore I (still) am.  It did make me realize how much I need to find a studio that makes sense for me - there is nothing like the high after a class. 

Day 13 - Composting Class.

Urban Roots hosts these amazing free seminars on various gardening related topics throughout the colder months in preparation for gardening season.  Alex and I attended the Composting class yesterday and I now feel like an expert.  I'm just teasing, but seriously, our teacher was amazing.  I do feel like I can compost with certainty and an understanding that I haven't had before.  I'm pretty new to the gardening game and my thumb isn't exactly green.  Hopefully I can attend a couple more of these before the spring.

Day 14 - The Wire.  Oh and a First Fort in our New Home.

So I totally get that most shows you watch are new...but it's -15° here today and leaving the house and discovering new things was pretty much out of the question.  Plus we have this amazing fort built and snuggly pooches... You get the idea.

Now we're two episodes deep in The Wire and it's getting pretty good.  I'm starting to understand all the hype... 

Enjoy your Valentine's Day night, snuggle, watch a movie, and hold the ones you love.  Also, pizza.  And probably (definitely) wine.