Fun-A-Day Week 3 - Something New Project Persists.

This was a really fun week of new somethings.  Alex was off for his February vacation all week too, so we did lots of new things together - double the fun.  

Day 15 - Singin' at my First Open Mic.  

Alright, so this is obviously a photo of Alex playing - I was far too nervous to remember to ask someone to take a photo of me.  I swear though, I did it!  We sang Jackson by Johnny Cash and June Carter, and I think it went pretty well.  Alex is a pro, so he carried me along and I miraculously remembered all the words.  It was a huge adrenaline rush, I was buzzing around the bar the rest of the night.  

Aaaand I won't be doing it again any time soon.   

Day 16 - Botanical Gardens.

It was the perfect mini getaway during a huge winter storm.  Nice and warm.  It felt so tropical and the whole place is so beautiful.  I loved this day.  

Day 17 - Cheap Game Date. 

Ideas were running low, and snow was piling up.  The plan was to go to the thrift store, and buy a cheap game and play it!  We did just that.  It was actually a really fun game called Blokus.  Best .99 cents I've spent in a long time. 

Day 18 - Ski Ball at Dave & Buster's.

I had big plans to go to this haunted tour thingy in North Buffalo, but plans were foiled when I ended up working.  C'est la vie.  So we checked out the new Dave & Busters at the mall.  The old school arcade games were the best - Skiball, basketball, football.  I think it's sufficient to say it might be a little while til we hit up Dave & Buster's again, but it was a fun new thing to do with Alex.  Ooo and we scored lots and lots of tickets.  We rock.  

Day 19 - Lockhouse Distillery.

Again plans were foiled and we had to roll with the punches.  We were going to go to the Buffalo History Museum thinking the website said it was open till 8.  Definitely closed at 5.  Drinks then?  Yes please.  Tons of copper everywhere (which I love!) and great drinks to boot.  

Day 20 - Bagels & Brooze.

Our friends invited us to join them at Hydraulic Hearth for brunch on Saturday.  It was delicious.  The theme was Jam - so there were lots of cocktails with Jam mixed in them while a Grateful Dead cover band played.  Company was great, food was fantastic, drinks were even better.  Best was to start off our weekend.  

Day 21 - Gun Shootin'.

I shot a gun!  Actually a couple of guns!  

Pretty huge day for me - I was super intimidated by all of the guns (look how many they have!) but it helped that my two friends are unbelievably knowledgable and safe.  Surprisingly guns are heavy and still pretty scary, but we had fun.   

I'm so proud of myself for doing these nerve-racking something news.  Checking things off my bucket list right and left.  

I am running out of fun things to try though...any great ideas?  Share them with me pretty please!