Thursday DIY.

How many of you have lived with, or currently live with the dreaded boob light?  You know the one I mean, standard, ugly, boob-like.  

Something like this;

We're lucky enough to have three of these beauties.  Ah the joy of having an old house that has suffered many unfortunate "updates".  These are one of them.  And I hate them.  LIke HATE them. 

So I took to Pinterest.  Naturally.  I saw a bunch of updates and DIY tutorials on how to make them over - most of them would have cost money, which I didn't want to do, and some of them were just not really my style.  This is the round-up that gave me the idea, from Apartment Therapy, aptly named Boob Jobs.  You can check out some of the other ideas, they all definitely look far better than the original "boob" light.

Here is my variation on the project from the blog Love Maegan;

Probably 1 million times better right? I think so!  I love the natural element, and I feel like it ties the little nook together. 

This was a super easy DIY, just a bit time consuming.  The basket I got at a nursery a couple of years ago and it's just a standard hanging basket you can get anywhere - normally they come lined with hay.  The chain on this one broke over the summer in a wind storm, so what a great way to recycle it.  I used this twine that we bought for wrapping up the old carpet when we pulled that out of the house, and I think it cost less than $10.  Then I just became wrapping it around the entire thing.   

Hot glue.  Wrap. Repeat.  I watched like 3 movies.  It takes a bit.

I ended up taking the globe completely off and painting it all white.  The gold can look a little dated for my taste, but it really didn't look bad even with the entire basket over the boob as it is.  I just preferred the look of nothing underneath.  I fastened it to the ceiling with three cup hooks so that I can take it off when I need to change a light bulb.  

Alright friends, this was maybe just a procrastination tool...but at least I made something ugly look pretty!  

It's the little things.