Fun-A-Day Week 4 - Something New Project.

So the last full week of my project has come to an end, with one extra little tagged on something new tomorrow for the finale.  I'm a little bummed it's coming to a close, but I've decided that it won't be the end of this project.  I realized that just slightly changing my routine has opened my eyes to so many small and big experiences.  

Moving forward I will be doing something new by myself once a month, and a separate new experience with Alex once a month.  I loved doing this so much and there are still about a million things on my list that I want to do.  

Anyway, here is what I did this past week!

Day 22 - Macrame.  

I was a little short on time this day, but decided to try my hand at a skill I've been wanting to learn for a while.  Probably not the prettiest macrame wall-hanging, but I love that it is just a series of different knots.  So cool.  

Day 23 - Coffee with Mira.

This beautiful lady is my Mother-in-law Mira, and for some semi-mind blowing reason, we've never gotten coffee just the two of us.  We spent a chilly afternoon in a cozy cafe catching up and enjoying each other's company.  A first of many I'm sure.

Day 24 - A DIY Kind of Day.

I wrote a little post about this tutorial on Thursday when I installed it (you can see that here!), but all the time consuming twine wrapping I did on Wednesday.  Sometimes it's really relaxing to do a very tedious project while vegging in front of the television.  That's exactly what I did. And I created a lovely replacement for that hideous light fixture.  

Day 25 - A Haunted Museum Tour.

Alright, this was the spookiest photo of the place I'll admit it.  Most of the museum is just lots of old stuff scattered everywhere.  The tour took place at the Iron Island Museum in Lovejoy and apparently has been known to have lots of ghost sightings.  There is a Ghost Hunters TV show episode that was filmed here and caused quite a stir.  Lots of ghost activity. It definitely gave me the chills hearing all of those spooky stories!  I want to see the Ghost Hunters episode now.  

Day 26 - Escape Room.

If you haven't heard about the escape room phenomenon, they are just that.  You get locked in a room for 60 minutes and you have to solve a series of puzzles to figure out your mission, accomplish your mission, and then escape.  It was really hard!  And so much fun.  As you can see, we didn't escape, but we were super close.  What a great group of people to take with me in there too - everybody helped in a different way. I would definitely do this again.  

Day 27 - Lake Ontario Cottage & New Games.

Some of our friends asked us to join them at a little adorable cottage that they rented for the weekend and we graciously accepted.  We enjoyed the beautiful lake, learned new games (including Settlers of Catan, OMG so fun), and talked late into the night.  It was a really lovely experience with great company.

Day 28 - Golden Hill State Park Explorin'.

This was about 2 minutes from our little cottage this morning, so on our way out of town we meandered through this lovely little park.  It was such a beautiful and warm day and topped off our stay with a cherry on top.  


Can't wait to see where this project takes me in the future, and I encourage all of you to try it.  The littlest change in routine can make you feel so great, even adventurous.  Do it!  You won't regret it.  

Eeee, and stay tuned for my last little guy tomorrow night!