Fun-A-Day Week 1 - Something New Project.

Here is my week of my Fun-A-Day projects summed up for you -

Day 2 - Roamed the Shelves of the Hamburg Library.   


I'm definitely a huge library nerd, so checking another library off my list was clearly a win.  The Hamburg library has a cafe, which means it plays music!  Granted it's not my favorite music, but I've always thought libraries could use some tunes while you're perusing shelves and shelves of cookbooks and craft books.  Ooo, and I also stopped in a second hand home shop!  An afternoon well spent.

Day 3 - Checked a South Buffalo CREW Meeting.

This was an amazing experience.  I saw a flyer for this group of volunteers that does work around South Buffalo planting trees, cleaning up litter and taking care of a gorgeous community garden -  and thought we should check this out!  We headed over to the cafe and attended our first CREW meeting and signed up to help out with a bunch of events and talked about future projects.  We met people who love our community and volunteer every chance they get!  It's inspiring to be around people like that.  I can't wait to be an active member of this group.

Day 4 - High School Concert.


Alex asked me if I wanted to attend his School's High School Band concert with him, of course I do (love and miss playing in band).  I don't think I've been to a band concert since I was in High School, so it was fun to be surrounded by band students.  Also they were really good to boot.  LIke, really good.  I was kind of blown away.  I also wandered down the hall after the concert and saw the High School Girls basketball team playing a game - my two favorite High School event in under an hour.  I was filled with nostalgia for that time of my life.  

Day 5 - Out in South Buffalo.

We're kind of new to the area and thought it was the perfect time to explore some local hotspots.  Also it was a Friday night, so why not?  We had a really wonderful dinner at Brick Oven Bistro, followed by a drink at Blackthorn Pub.

Loved both places!  It was great to find some spots close by to go back to.  Really fun night.

Day 6 - Relaxing at the Theater.

Sorry about terrible quality - it was dark!

Sorry about terrible quality - it was dark!

We wanted to do something easy yesterday and opted for a matinee movie.  We saw The Revenant at the AMC Theater in Amherst which only counts as something new because of the unique quality this theater has - reclining seats!  Pretty amazing actually, especially for this movie (it's 3 hours long)!  It's pretty nice to recline while watching a movie at the theater.  Oh and cuddle.

Day 7 - Knox Farm Exploring.


Knox Farm is a State Park about 20 minutes away from us.  How have we never been here before?! It was so beautiful.

We wandered in and out of trails for almost two hours today, basking in the warm sun.  This place is so vast and beautiful, I want to be there way more.  

So far, I've loved it.  Obviously.  Doing something new every day has been invigorating, adventurous, and just, well, really fun.  Excited to see where this week takes me!