My Last (Fun-A) Day, Oh and Also Some Colorful Inspiration.

As to be expected my last Something New Project Fun-A-Day was spent celebrating at a restaurant I've been dying to eat at - Sun Thai & Burmese Restaurant.  Oh man, so good.

I pretty much summarized how I felt about this project in my last post, but to reiterate a little bit - it was an incredible month.  I loved every second.  I loved exploring with Alex, hanging with new and old friends, playing new games, seeing new sights, trying new things - it was amazing.  It made me feel like there are infinite possibilities awaiting me if I only just look.  It will be fun to see where it takes me going forward!  

Now on to the inspiration portion of this post.   

I'm loving this sunny apricot color so much recently!  It screams spring to me and is so cheerful.  I just want to wear everything in this color and paint all of our house this color.  I'm thinking I'll make myself a beautiful dress in this color to start.  

What's your color inspiration?