Inspiration Tuesdays - Jute Rugs.

This weekend was eventful.  I turned 29 (woo!) and we started what we thought would be a pretty easy home renovation.  Just your standard, tear down some ugly pink wallpaper, paint, done.  Ha.  

We took down the wallpaper, to find it was attached to wood paneling.  To find that the wood paneling could come off - so why wouldn't we take it off?  Oh because if we take that off, then we have to take the ceiling tiles off.  So what was a relatively easy project, turned into a big (ish) one.  Needless to say our dining room table is still in the living room and no paint has reached said wall.  The adventures in owing an old house.  

It's looking really good so far, but just has me thinking about the dining room in a more complete way than I have in the past.  The one thing I think it is in dire need of is a rug.  Not just any rug, a jute rug is what I'm thinking.  

Jute adds texture and a natural, neutral color palette.  I think I might experiment with making my own - but until then, let's dream a little together.  

Found this image at Southern Living right  here .

Found this image at Southern Living right here.

I love the rustic touches in this dining room juxtaposed with the more modern elements.  All tied together and rooted by the jute rug.

This rug is from Urban Outfitters - find it  here .

This rug is from Urban Outfitters - find it here.

This adds a charming coziness to this room.  The crochet aspect of this rug is stunning and homey.  This has me thinking maybe I should choose a round rug for my completed dining room.

This cute rug/image is from  CB2 .

This cute rug/image is from CB2.

Then again, something broken up like this adds a lot of visual interest.  Clearly I have some decisions to make, and you know that I am all about making it if I can.  So stay tuned and we'll see what kind of loveliness I can come up with.

Do you think I should use a square rug if I have an oval table?  Or do you think I should do round with oval?  Or oval with oval?  Ooof.  We'll see how the ceiling and wall looks (it's gonna look so good), and make decisions from there!  This is exciting stuff.