Inspiration Tuesdays - Kinfolk.

You guys probably know at this point how much I love the library right?  It runs deep.  Fortunately the Erie County library system is an incredible wonderland that also holds the subscription to one of my very favorite magazines - Kinfolk.  

If you're not familiar, I'll tell you a little about it;

It's a Danish magazine that explores slow living and has a very particular and clean aesthetic.  It explores different ways to simplify your life, cultivate a strong community, and spend more time with your family and friends.  And did I talk about how beautiful it is?  Unbelievably so.  

I took out a couple issues the other day from the library, and spent all morning reading interesting articles, admiring breath taking interiors, and appreciating gorgeous photos.  If you have a chance to curl up with one of these (or they have two hardcover books now too!), I would jump at the chance.   

 Nothing is more inspiring than pouring over these on a chilly morning with a huge cup of coffee.