Sundays, Sundays, Sundaze.

This week FLEW by!  Am I right?  My best friend got me this wonderful note pad that helps set up your week and at the end of every week, at the bottom, it says:  "This week was:" and then a whole bunch of adjectives - amazing, challenging, calm, fun, etc.  In an effort to reflect more (so I can ultimately move forward and grow!) I've been really looking forward to this activity on Sundays.  


So what was this week?  I would say - challenging, busy, and surprising.  

Challenging because I spent almost two full days figuring out how to get a suitable tag into leather to make my bags feel more special and part of my brand.  I did land on one I like, but oof...that was challenging for a bit (shout out to Alex for helping me through that!).

Busy because I still don't think I've really gotten into a routine as far as balancing work/life/fun/responsibilities.  If anyone has figured out this bad boy, let me know.  (I might think it is impossible...)

And Surprising because it was definitely not the sort of week I set up last Sunday.  That's something that you just have to roll with though and do the best you can! 

As far as my happiness project goes, it's feeling really great.  My tangibles are getting there, I haven't worked out all the kinks, but I think that overall I am really accomplishing so much.  So I will focus on all of the good things that happened this past week and keep moving forward!  

Happy Sunday!