Steps to Success.

Reflecting on this past week has me feeling all of the feels.  Grateful to live in such a wonderful community and city, happy to have been outside for the past two days, productive (I listed on Etsy every day this week!), proud of my wonderful husband (he was offered a permanent teaching position!!!) and proud of humanity.  

I am proud of men and women unifying all over the world yesterday to practice kindness and peace together.  I'm proud that people care about acceptance, evolution, and the future.  I'm happy to live in a city that over 3,000 people united to get involved and actively be a part of a larger voice.  I am excited to see what we can do.  

I know that I personally need to be more involved in my local community, that I need to do all of the things I talk about doing, and to make my life matter.  This week I felt like I am on track to making my goals happen both personally and for my community.  They are a long ways away, but they are coming into focus.