Inspiration Tuesdays - La La Land.

I had another post planned about some recent inspiration... and then I saw La La Land!  It was such a perfect mixture of whimsy and color and jazz.  I loved the sets, the costumes, and the soundtrack, but I was really struck by the use of color.  Every dress chosen so perfectly so as to really pop against the backdrop.  Solids that made me want to wear only bright yellows, reds and greens!  With fun classic heels of course.

La la land.jpg

Solids and subtle patterns never looked so good, am I right?  Makes you wanna dance a little probably.  Don't worry, I totally get it.

These past couple days of not been particularly uplifting, but this was the PERFECT remedy and inspiration I needed.  Oh and also, let's get going with this spring already.  This lack of snow and sun is weird and killing me slowly.  I'm ready for flowers!

Everyone, go out and see this!  You'll want to wear all the colors and listen to all the jazz!