Inspiration Tuesdays - Ideas.

What?  Has it really been 13 days since the last time I posted?  How on earth does time fly so quickly.  

Well let me catch you up on what I've been up to:

  • My Dad visited!
  • Valentine's Day Fort.
  • Work (My other job mostly).
  • Fixing up the lower apartment.
  • Woodworking (I took a class, and it was AWESOME!).
  • Battling a cold.

I have not worked in my studio in 8 DAYS.  It feel like forever.  I used to go upwards of 2 months without stepping foot in there, and now 8 days feels longer than all of that time.  I'm a lucky lady.

That's why my inspiration today is all of my ideas.  I have so, so many.  I have been able to do some sketching, some research, some vintage shopping, some prototyping and I cannot wait to get in there and get to making!

This month has somehow slipped through the cracks.  Passing by in what feels like a week.  I suppose it is a short month and typically I'm scrambling through a Fun-A-Day project, so maybe its just a very different February altogether.  I promise to share some of my new creations soon.  (I do that mostly to hold myself accountable - if I write it here, I gotta do it!) 

For now I will share with you our 8th Valentine's Day Fort (a long standing tradition) - and dare I say the best one yet?  It's still in our living room - it's just too cozy.  And my learning-on-a-lathe wood spindle creations.  So proud of both of these bad boys.


So proud of both of these bad boys.